The experiences that leave a mark on us can happen anywhere, but they all happen in the same place: around our limits.
There are those who accept their limits and observe them from afar, and there are those who analyze them and try to push them further.
What separates those who remain on the sofa from those who try to do this is only one thing: attitude. An inexplicable drive to find all the solutions and study all the ways to get there, to that place where the magic happens.

It’s a drive that knows no seasons, geographies, or weather conditions, because it’s a drive that doesn’t care about anything.

Do you need to go far to indulge it? You find a way to get there!

Do you need to have the right clothing so you don’t have to stop even when the temperature is below zero? You find it!

Because it’s a drive that you can’t ignore. Because it’s all about your attitude.