On the snow, with style. On the snow, with Doro Style. For the woman who loves winter and the Nordic disciplines, Sportful and Dorothea Wierer have created a collection featuring a series of garments that combine practicality and design, technical performance and femininity. Doro Style, to enjoy a fashionable winter, moving comfortably in cold temperatures and always having the right look.

“Winter, snow and skiing are areas in which I love to live out my passion for sports while cultivating my femininity,” says Dorothea Wierer, a leading star in the international biathlon firmament. “The firmament is the dominant motif of the collection, to say that every woman is a shining star. Even when she’s doing sports and engaging in hard physical activity. Sportful has succeeded in creating a line of high-performance products that represent the best from the technical point of view and that provide the perfect look: technique, style and grace for women’s sport and snow.”