To dress the National Team is every company's dream; a dream Sportful finally realised after the 2010/2011 Vancouver Olympics. That dream reminds us to always improve ourselves, to achieve goals that make history in nordic skiing not just in Italy but all over the world.

You’ve seen us in red and in white, and now it’s time to complete our Italian flag. We’ll be green!

This year you won’t be able to miss us in the race, and our opponents won’t fail to notice us either.

The federation’s choice to outfit the Nordic teams in the green of our flag is the culmination of an aesthetic exercise begun several seasons ago.

So we’ll set a stylish and classy standard during the next World Cup season as well.



Research bears fruit over time, and the development of the new national team suit was not a hasty affair.

We spent months testing in the wind tunnel to create the fastest suit in the world, which Federico Pellegrino wore to win silver in the sprint in classic technique at the Olympics. Now that research will be the ticket to success for all our athletes in the World Cup.





Available from 26th November