Some people say that going to watch a bike race doesn’t make much sense. You wait for hours, and then it’s all over in seconds. You stay there, not knowing what will happen at the finish. Anyone who says that, of course, has never seen a bike race. But the point remains. Why does it all have to be about one moment?

Going to see a race could be just an excuse to get up and go — to find a destination and explore an area. To grab a few friends and take a train to see the Giro d’Italia, for example. Open a map, talk to the locals to figure out the best place to visit, pitch a tent. Ride together and stop by the sea at sunset to enjoy a beer you just bought at the minimarket.

A race can also provide the excuse for an experience. As it did for Jacopo, Alessio, Matilde, and Francesca. Two days in Apulia by bike, on asphalt and gravel, on coastal roads and in forests, in villages and in the countryside, to see the Giro go by in Monte Sant’Angelo.

Because the moment when the riders pass brings a special kind of excitement, but it’s even better if it’s part of something bigger.

Something that involves the desire to ride, to discover the world by bike, to feel free, and to be together.
It’s not (just) about a moment.