One week, four awesome collabs. Get yours or get in touch to put on lycra your own ideas!

At Sportful we believe cycling can change the World. But most of all, geat ideas can do that! That's why we love to help anybody to make her idea real on a cycling kit. This week we present four great ideas and four great artists and designers. We did the easy job, they put their creativity and soul in this kits. Find out what's behind these design and get yours!

Can you limit imagination and freedom? Hell no, more so when it comes to Luca Di Maggio. Our favorite artist from Milan is a pure soul and loves to get inspired by his passion for bikes, cycling and its history. This time he mixed his feeling and inspiration with two portraits of cyclists from the 90s - Lauritzen and Phil Anderson. Bold colors and his distinctive designs. We definitely love this kit!

Broom Wagon starts with a podcast but it's way more. It's cycling made inclusive and we are proud to dress them with their new fresh kit. Here what they say in their manifesto:
On the BroomWagon we believe that:
Cycling is exploring the world
Cycling is conquering the Alpe du Zwift while outside is snowing
Cycling is going left when you usually go right
Cycling is having a beer halfway to your first century
Cycling is getting mud in your ears after descending in the woods
Cycling in chatting with at the back of your group ride
Cycling is nerding all day about gear ratios
Cycling is the arm-warmers in the back pocket in July and short bibs in February
Cycling is: ""Is Albula open yet?""
Cycling is commuting with your helmet
Cycling has no barriers
Cycling doesn’t discriminate
Cycling is #outriding

This is not our first collab with Matt.. and it's not gonna be the last. Because we love this guy and we love his style. This time Matt came up with a Rock 'n' dough kit he descibes in these words: "The story is… The rock 'n' dough kit wouldn’t be out of place at your local donut shop or moshing out, at a rock show. You can get down in dough, or up in the mosh pit! Crowd surfing or riding hard, sugary calories burnt, rocking or riding all over show! ROCK ON!"

2BROS is an Italian design duo that rocks. They already illustrated many popular cycling-related stuff. Because cycling is their passion beside design. And what happens if you put together a talented duo and their passion for travel and exploration? Something great, for sure. In this case, a kit telling a story we bet many can relate to.