Humans are, by nature and inclination, attracted to the concept of speed.
The desire for speed pushes us to seek solutions, to find new ways to move and innovations that drive the speedometer higher.
If possible, to change the entire scale of the speedometer.

In cycling, too, it’s fundamental. Maybe the most enticing aspect of the bike is precisely that: the ability to go fast without the accompanying noise of an engine.
Just the wind in your face and the sound of the rubber on the road.

With speed comes the desire to compete.
Competition has taken other forms over time, but at the very beginning it
emerged to determine who was faster. On foot, by bike, in a motor vehicle.
So race formats have developed to do this, along with places
where speed can best be demonstrated.

The Sportful graphic jersey collection celebrates speed and its sacred places.
Specifically, velodromes and motorsport racetracks - the most prestigious of these places, in our view.
The result is a collection inspired by key elements of track racing, the graphics of the checkered flag, the liveries of race cars.
A design inspiration applied to the most versatile jerseys in the collection.

Because, yes, speed is measured in kilometers per hour. But it’s about an attitude. It’s not about racing.